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In the heart of Lindale, Texas, a historic two-story brick building dating back to 1913 stands as a beacon of rugged elegance and timeless style. Here, Troubadour Drifter, A Texas First Retailer™ offers male-centric apparel and accessories which embody the essence of cowboy couture and timeless Western style. Here patrons will find a curated selection of Western-inspired treasures, from cowboy boots to leather goods, guitars to blue jeans. The store exudes an authentic Western charm, with antique glass display cases, rustic tables, and tumbleweed chandeliers casting a warm glow over its offerings, creating an immersive shopping experience for all who enter.

Amidst the curated collection of Western wear lies a hidden gem that caters to a different kind of discerning customer – Holsters, Guns & Lead. Tucked away behind a glass and steel partition, this exclusive gun lounge offers a refined and elevated setting for patrons to explore a diverse range of firearms and accessories. With a backdrop of leather furniture, hardwood floors, and original pressed tin ceilings, the lounge exudes a sense of luxury and heritage, inviting visitors to embark on a journey through the rich history of firearms.

Holsters, Guns & Lead boasts an impressive collection of firearms, including revolvers, handguns, shotguns, rifles, and even antique pieces for collectors. With a dedicated sales team offering over 30 years of combined firearms knowledge, customers can expect expert guidance on the latest firearm technology, historical preservation, and care techniques. The lounge also hosts gun safety seminars, product showcases, and tutorials to educate both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers to the world of firearms.

What truly sets Holsters, Guns & Lead apart is its commitment to hospitality and service. With a focus on white-glove treatment and attention to detail, the lounge provides a welcoming and luxurious atmosphere for its guests. Complimentary beverages, ample leather seating, and antique display cases filled with firearms and curated collectibles, create an experience that is as memorable as it is indulgent.

Together, Troubadour Drifter and Holsters, Guns & Lead embody the essence of Texas heritage, blending Western style with expertise and hospitality to create a one-of-a-kind retail experience that is as memorable as it is inviting. These establishments celebrate the spirit of the Wild West, offering a diversity of goods from six shooters, to six strings, sure to capture the imagination of all who walk through their doors.


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Tuesday - Saturday
9am - 5pm
Sunday & Monday


(888) 670-6780

Store Address

Holsters, Guns & Lead
100 N. Main St.
Lindale, TX 75771


Meet the Team

James Tran

James Tran

Manager | Sales

Prolific Musician & Firearms Expert

Bruce Adams

Bruce Adams

Assistant Manager | Sales

Firearms & Guitar Tech Aficionado

Patrick Freden

Patrick Freden

Marketing | Sales

Musician, Graphics Guy & Cool Dude

S.E. Greene

S.E. Greene

Owner | Sales

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Lindale is growing…

Holsters, Guns & Lead is proud to be a contributing business to the Downtown and Main Street Area in Lindale, Texas.

Troubadour Drifter

The beginning of a tradition…

Located just beyond the steel and glass partition, Troubadour Drifter is not your typical men’s western wear, clothing, or apparel store in Lindale, Texas. We only carry quality products that embody craftsmanship, enrich lives and connect generations. We encourage you to peruse the store during your next visit.